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NLP uses powerful techniques for personal transformation. It is often called the study of excellence, a blueprint for improving communication and a key tool for the disruption of negative thought and behavioural patterns.

NLP means:

Neuro - the nervous system, our five senses of seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting and smelling. Our thoughts are composed of images related to these senses, and which govern our beliefs - about ourselves and others. Once we become aware that our internal images, sounds, and feelings may be limiting us in some way, we are in a position to change them.

Linguistic - relates to our use of language and how specific words and expressions reflect our inner worlds. In addition, our postures, habits and gestures correspond to our inner (silent) language which may indicate our thinking and beliefs.

Programming - implies that our brains run in a similar way to computers. Our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are like habitual computer programmes which can be upgraded to the latest software by using NLP reprogramming techniques.


NLP can work quickly and effectively for many problems, but it is particularly effective for eliminating negative thought patterns and behaviours.

It can also be useful to help overcome:

stress; guilt; phobias; addictions; cravings; compulsions;

 obsessions; anxiety; panic attacks; anger.


NLP can also help with:

sports performance; building confidence; public speaking;

relationships (personal and business); motivation; self development.

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