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Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy in that it works with our own natural healing abilities to resolve problems of both a mental/emotional kind, or physical problems.

The hypnotic levels of consciousness cover a range of awareness states about halfway between full alertness and sleep - a light trance.

During hypnotherapy, you are guided into a light trance by the hypnotherapist, and are usually awake and fully aware of what is happening. You can stop or resist the process if you choose to, and will usually remember everything that is said and everything that happens.

Most sessions are recorded onto CD for you to take away, which helps reinforce all the positive suggestions given to you under hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is generally used to tackle the following issues:-

 *addictions   *anxiety     *bedwetting   *compulsions     *concentration

*confidence   *eczema (stress related)   *emotional problems *fears

*frigidity   *grief *headaches   irritable bowel syndrome   *lethargy

 *muscle tension *nailbiting   *obsession *PMT/PMS   

*panic attack  *phobias *relationship problems

*skin problems(stress related)  *sleeplessness(intermittent)

*smoking *snoring *stammering *stress *tension

It can also help cope with pain and with an easier childbirth.

Whatever is preventing you living the life you want, a TLC Hypnotist should be able to help you by helping you to gain confidence, break bad habits, develop a more positive attitude and take complete control of yourself and your life

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