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Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety during their lifetime.

For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam or a job interview. Feeling anxious sometimes is perfectly normal. However, for some people feelings of anxiety are much more constant, and tend to affect their every day life, sometimes making it difficult for them to carry out simple every day tasks. These people feel anxious most days, and will often struggle to remember the last time they felt completely relaxed.

Sometimes anxious people will suffer from panic attacks. This is when your body experiences a sudden rush of intense psychological and physical symptoms.

You may feel an overwhelming sense of fear, apprehension and anxiety. You may also feel nausea, sweating, trembling and a feeling that your heart is beating irregularly.

A panic attack can be very frightening and intense, but it is not dangerous.  The exact cause of panic attacks is not yet fully understood, but they are often triggered by stressful or traumatic experiences.

Panic attacks are associated with the body's fight or flight reflex which is your natural protection in dangerous or stressful situations. However, with panic attacks, there is often no obvious trigger for your symptoms, they are a debilitating habit you have got into. Because panic attacks are very unpredictable, they can leave you feeling constantly anxious & worried about when the next attack will be.

How can TLC Dorset help ?

The NHS recommends psychological therapy as one of the two main forms of treatment for anxiety and/or panic attacks (the other therapy is prescribed drugs).

The cause and the automatic response relating to anxiety and panic attacks are hidden in your sub conscious mind.  

By the use of counselling, combined with hypnotherapy and sometimes NLP, we can find and gently release the emotions and thoughts associated with the anxiety and panic. We can then replace the thoughts and automatic reactions with helpful and positive messages, and your anxiety can be overcome once and for all.